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Construction Services

J & M Realty Services Corp's Construction Services are performed by our subsidiary general contractor, Manhattan Valley Construction LLC (MVC).  J & M's unique 'in-house' relationship with MVC allows us to offer competitive construction management and general contracting services on properties we manage, we have also served as construction manager or general contractor on outside projects.

Our construction department can provide construction services ranging from single apartment renovations to gut rehabilitation of entire buildings.  Utilizing MVC's services to fulfill your construction and restoration needs enables J & M to provide a turnkey operation from construction to management. 

Additionally, our construction department can work with you to develop a facilities master plan and budget for future building maintenance and upgrades that fall with in the purview of construction. 

Our construction management team is equipped to handle complex construction issues that arise when renovating old building stock.  These challenges include rebuilding structural elements of your buildings as well as working around tenants in occupancy.

In executing our construction work, once the scope of work is determined, an estimate and schedule is developed so that you as a building owner know what to expect.  All trades are coordinated so that work is done in the most expedient manner.  To minimize the spread of dust and debris, all work areas are prepared as well as any adjacencies.  When required for structural work, temporary bracing and shoring is installed to make the job-site safe.  Most importantly, consistent on-site supervision is provided to ensure that safety measures are followed and that the work is completed in a professional manner.  

MVC's Construction Management Team

Giles Harper, Construction Manager

Serving as Construction Manager at Manhattan Valley Construction, Mr. Harper has been responsible for site supervision and field coordination on all MVC Contracts.  In the past year, he led the MVC team to successfully complete a $2 million gut rehabilitation on a twenty apartment multi-family building in Manhattan .  At the same time, he managed projects at five additional locations with construction costs totaling over $1 million.  MVC’s success at meeting project budgets can be attributed to Mr. Harper’s careful job analysis and preparation of estimates prior to putting them out for bid to subcontractors. 

Before joining Manhattan Valley Construction, Mr. Harper was the Preservation Carpentry Foreman and Preservation Project Coordinator at the Lyndhurst Museum , a National Trust for Historical Preservation property. He was responsible for supervising all construction and restoration on this 80-acre, 13-building site. Projects completed included a $2 million building wide systems replacement in the national landmark mansion and preparation of project documents for a complete exterior restoration. He is a graduate of University of Georgia and has an M.S. in Construction Management from New York University and an A.A.S. in Building Preservation Technology and Historic Preservation.

Recent Projects Completed

341 St. Nicholas Avenue, New York, NY

At 341 St. Nicholas Ave, a 45 unit, 6 story elevator building built in 1926, the scope of work included recombination of several adjacent apartments (the bldg. was originally 54 apts) and complete “gut” renovation of others. A total of 15 apartments were renovated. Apartments 31/32, 41/42, 51/52, 61/62, 33/34 and 43/44 were combined to make 2 bedroom, 2 bath or 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartments. Upon completing the first phase of interior demolition, it was clear that a large percentage of the units’ floor joists were affected by water damage from plumbing leaks. In apartment 47, which was not a combination unit, we also revealed extensive damage to the structure of apartments 57and 37. The decision was made to replace and repair all joists, including to the apartments above project locations, which was not a combination unit, we also revealed extensive damage to the structure of and 37. The decision was made to replace and repair all joists, including to the apartments above project locations.

To carry out this work safely, Manhattan Valley Construction engaged a structural engineer to design and file all structural repairs, and tenants were temporarily relocated while the work was executed.

After relocation of adjacent tenants, the entire interiors were demolished to the joists, including all plumbing branchwork, electrical back to the risers, and all interior partition walls. In apartments 31-61, sanitary stacks and vents were replaced as well as gas risers. Approximately 50% of the existing joists were replaced and Micro-lam beams (varying in depth from 9” – 18” depending on floor loads) were installed to carry the load of an interior wall which was removed to accommodate to the new floor plan designs. After structural repairs and mechanical riser work was completed and sub floors were installed, tenants were allowed to return to their apartments. The relocations lasted from one to three weeks. A total of six units were relocated. From this point forward, the apartments were built out with completely new interiors; in some units the only material from the previous units remaining was the electrical riser, which had been replaced recently and was still in good condition.

545 Edgecombe Avenue, New York, NY

Work at 545 Edgecombe Ave, a 48 unit, 6 story elevator building built in 1912, progressed concurrently with the work at 341 St.Nicholas. Structural conditions were somewhat better, with only a small amount of reframing required at bathrooms. A total of 12 apartments were included. The scope of work called for a “Laminate” project which basically means most existing walls remain and are laminated with gypsum board. All other systems are replaced including new dropped ceilings, floors, doors, tile, window repairs, electrical, plumbing, kitchens etc. However, extensive interaction with tenants was necessary because combined units required a shift in sanitary stacks within occupied apartments. Additionally, while work was underway, it was determined that the existing gas system was beyond repair and the whole building should be re-piped for gas.

401-405 Edgecombe Avenue, New York, NY

At 401-405 Edgecombe Ave, a 66 unit, 5 floor walk-up, the scope of work called for the complete renovation of 6 apartments including new hardwood and ceramic tile floors, gypsum board walls, trim, doors, rewiring and all new plumbing.  These six apartments were renovated by one crew in twelve weeks while another crew continued work at

206 St. Nicholas Avenue, New York, NY

At 206 St. Nicholas Ave, the scope of work called for a “gut” renovation of an extremely deteriorated 1 bedroom apartment on the first floor. Unfortunately a large percentage of the floor joists were badly rotten. To complicate the situation, the floor joists ran the entire width of the building and also supported the common hall and the apartment across the hall. The center of the joists were supported with a new microlam beam and CMU wall, effectively cutting the joist’s span in half. New joists were installed beneath the project apartment.  The apartment renovation then proceeded with new floors, interior framing, gypsum board, ceramic tile, plumbing (including sanitary stacks and risers) and kitchens. The long covered stained glass transom window was uncovered and restored, adding a special touch to the apartment and the building.  



























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