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Information for renters:

Documents and funds to have ready when looking for an apartment rental in NYC:

  • Funds: First month's rent, security deposit, application fees, brokerage fee
  • Rent & Security are due, usually in the form of one certified check, on the 4th business day following apartment selection. If you do not have an account established here, you may choose to arrange to have funds wired to an appropriate account here in Manhattan.
  • Brokerage fee is due in the form of Certified or bank check.
  • Employer Verification Letter: On company letterhead, signed by supervisor stating salary, guaranteed bonus, title, start date and housing allowance, if any.
  • Copy of Driver's License Or other personal photo identification (Passport)
  • Most Recent Bank Statement & brokerage accounts.
  • Most recent pay stub.
  • Completed Application: Names, Phone Number, Addresses of Employer, Bankers, Accountant, Last Landlords and Guarantor.
  • Last Years completed Tax Returns. (If Self-Employed)

Salary Requirements:

  • Tenant must have a salary 40x-50x monthly rent (with good credit)
  • The Guarantor must have a salary 60x & be In-State.

*If the above is not met then possible other arrangements would include extra security.


Application Requirements
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